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Installing QuestaSim SE 10.2C Win64

1.Download link :


2.Run questasim-win64-10.2c.exe

Next  → Agree  → Next  → Yes -> Yes .. Until the below window appears Click No


  1. Run regassistuvm_4.3_win.exe to install UVM library.


Click next


Point to installed folder, click Next -> Install.

4. QuestaSim License

– Copy the MentorKG.exe and patch_dll.bat trong folder crack after the installation of the Modelsim installation directory under the Win64 directory –  c:\questasim64_10.2c\win64\

-If it is running win7,XP directly runs patch_dll.bat. After running will automatically replace the directory mgls.dll, then call MentorKG.exe (wait minutes) and automatically open file LICENSE.dat. You save as the generated file as LICENSE.dat in  c:\questasim64_10.2c\win64\


Right click on Computer ->Properties->Advanced system ( picture Above)

-Choose Environment Variables tab-> Click new

-Then adding LM_LICENSE_FILE and c:\questasim64_10.2c\win64\license.dat


Click OK – OK – OK

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